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LINNAS Kanazawa (Hotel Operation)

【Equipment outline】

LINNAS Kanazawa is a lifestyle hotel with the concept of "Hygge," which means "rich time and space" in Scandinavian Danish.

We propose not just a lodging facility, but a lifestyle as  "micro complex in the town" with a hotel, restaurant, sauna, fitness, shared kitchen, and coworking space. 

Opening date: April 2021

​ Location: Owaricho, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture

​ Number of rooms: 46

​ Capacity: 118 people

​ website:

LINNAS Kanazawa news and media coverage:


Community-Driven Hotel


An urban casual hotel brand that interprets the context and uniqueness of the city from a unique perspective and proposes new values to travelers and communities.

By having our own creative team accompany the hotel management team, we will form a community with various local players through daily operations, and plan and project inside and outside the hotel with community members. By making general community activities attractive to towns and hotels, we will attract customers without being influenced by hotel market conditions. ​We call this style of operation "community-driven hotel." As a hotel brand that makes people think, "The presence of LINNAS means that the town is interesting," we aim to expand into towns with hidden charms from all over Japan and around the world.


Kanazawa Coffee Festival 2023

The owner of the popular cafe roaster Nonstop Coffee, which has a shop in Kanazawa Higashi Chaya District, was the founder, and three companies, Linnas Design and MiKS, were involved in the Kanazawa Coffee Festival.Established executive committee. “Kanazawa is Japan’s number one coffee town.”, we jointly planned and operated an event where 10 specialty coffee shops from all over the country gathered in Kanazawa. Held in the underground space in front of Kanazawa Station on May 27th and 28th, 2023, with a total of 5,000 visitors over the two days. It was also widely covered by various local media. For the event, we partnered with a seminar at Kanazawa Institute of Technology as a sustainable initiative to produce sustainable furniture that can be reused as a different form of furniture after the event.

LAiR ~LINNAS Artist in Residence

Artist-in-Residence is a project in which artists reside in different locations for a medium to long term. LINNAS Kanazawa recruits 3-6 artists from all over Japan once every six months for a two-week residency.are doing During their stay, they will donate a work with the theme of "Kanazawa" or "Hygge" and install it as a new interior of the guest room. During the period of stay, we collaborate with local artists to organize networking events that create horizontal connections between artists, and workshops that local residents and guests can participate in.

A total of 26 artists have participated in the project so far.

Screenshot 2023-08-08 at 14.22.31.png


Once a month, we hold plogging, an SDGs sport originating in Sweden where you jog while picking up trash.

local community members, hotel staff, and

Events attended by guestsIt is to. Accommodation guests who are tourists also participate and propose a sustainable tourism style that cleans the city together.

Fashion Swap Meet

It is valuable for each of us, but the clothes that we no longer wear are used as memories andAn event is held every August to tell stories and barter. This is a popular event where players with a high sensitivity to the region, such as second-hand clothing store owners, artists, entrepreneurs, and chefs, bring their own items and enjoy bartering for value.

Screenshot 2023-08-08 at 14.22.47.png

Talk event AND

A talk event to think about the future lifestyle of clothing, food and housing + α

Held regularly.not a big cityTogether with our guests, we will explore the richness of life that can only be felt in the local city of Kanazawa.

It is an event that can be heard only in Kanazawa without daring to send it online,​Participating local university students, entrepreneurs and highly sensitive business people.

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