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Kanazawa Coffee Festival
(Event Planning)

【Equipment outline】

LINNAS Kanazawa is a lifestyle hotel with the concept of "Hygge," which means "rich time and space" in Scandinavian Danish.

We propose not just a lodging facility, but a lifestyle as  "micro complex in the town" with a hotel, restaurant, sauna, fitness, shared kitchen, and coworking space. 

Opening date: April 2021

​ Location: Owaricho, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture

​ Number of rooms: 46

​ Capacity: 118 people

​ website:

LINNAS Kanazawa news and media coverage:



At the first “Kanazawa Coffee Festival 2023”, there are famous shops that have won numerous awards in contests, popular shops that have been introduced in the media, etc. Tsukasa's shops and popular food shops gather in Kanazawa! The Kanazawa Coffee Festival Executive Committee, where coffee lovers gather, led by Fumiya Yamamoto of Nonstop Coffee Stand &

“I want to make Kanazawa the best coffee town in Japan!”

Melbourne, Australia is at the forefront of coffee culture. The streets are fashionable, multinational values are overflowing, and the people are warm. You can drink delicious coffee made by baristas on a daily basis in a battleground of coffee with many cafes.

On the other hand, in fact, Kanazawa has a coffee shop culture that has been rooted in it for a long time. We want to make Kanazawa, which can be said to be the city of food, a city of coffee that is even more diverse.

Even if you don't like coffee,I had coffee like this! For those who like coffee, I can't believe I can drink it in Kanazawa! A password for everyone to enjoy coffee in the same way. GOOD DAY MATE! Let's enjoy connection with one cup of coffee.

Speaking of coffee, Kanazawa. We aim to become such a city. With coffee as the starting point, we hope to create an event where you can enjoy the city of Kanazawa, its food, and its atmosphere.


​Purpose model

Diverse StakesThis is a blueprint for a co-creation project centered on "Purpose", which is the action principle for realizing a better society for holders to work together.

The purpose model places a "common purpose", which is the purpose, at the center, and places the active co-creation partners in the lower row and the stakeholders involved in co-creation in the upper row, and the roles and purposes of the partners involved in the project. By clarifying the.

In this project,

① Clarify the stakeholders involved in KCF2023,Aligning the line of sight with management members

② Clarify and visualize the ideal future as KCF

for the purpose ofWe created an illustration and invited Yurie Kibi, the originator of the purpose model and the author of the book, to discuss the Kanazawa Coffee Festival.


Joint project with Tomohiro Miyashita Laboratory, Kanazawa Institute of Technology

The Kanazawa Coffee Festival Executive Committee has launched a project jointly with the Tomohiro Miyashita Laboratory at Kanazawa Institute of Technology as an initiative related to sustainability. ProjectorThe project contents are as follows.


  1. Furniture produced for the event is produced as furniture that can be reused after the event

  2. Efforts to create trash cans exclusively for paper cups and visualize cup waste generated at events

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